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Had it with waiting all day for a plumber? Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Central Texas provides service in minutes, not days. Our licensed technicians are clean and neat with the professional experience to handle your plumbing emergency right the first time. Experience the high-speed local service of our Mr. Rooter Rapid Response Plumbers at no extra cost!

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Tired of being surprised by plumbing bills after the work is done? With Mr. Rooter Plumbers, you’ll always have the cost before your plumber begins. There’s never an extra charge for nights or weekends. No fine print, no gimmicks or surprises, only top-notch quality plumbing jobs with super-fast response times straight to your door.

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Whether you need to unclog a drain or need repair or replacement services for your toilet, sink or hot water heater, Mr. Rooter Plumbers of Central TX has knowledgable, experienced and licensed plumbers with the latest equipment to tackle any plumbing problems. Your plumbing emergency is our specialty, for both residential and commercial repairs.

Drain Cleaning Waco Texas Calls First

We’re not your average plumber. Our uniformed technicians are dedicated to upholding a clean, professional image, treating each customer’s home or office with respect. Our highly trained plumbers leave the area clean and neat once the repair is done, using drop cloths and shoe covers to safeguard your expensive floorings.

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Mr. Rooter Plumbers of Central Texas are experts in all facets of plumbing, including tank and tankless water heaters, drain cleaning, leaking pipes, toilet, faucet or shower repairs, clogged drains, detection of leaks, clogged sewers and any other plumbing needs you may have. You’ll be impressed that our warranty on both parts and labor ranks best among plumbing contractors.¬†Give us a call, day or night, and we’ll respond right away with a clean, reliable plumber you’ll be glad to have in your home or office!

Plumbers Waco TX Trusts

A lot of “rooters” out there advertise their services as including emergency plumbing along with their drain cleaning. But there’s more to being a licensed, professional plumber than knowing how to operate drain cleaning equipment. Our plumbers are experienced in every aspect of residential and commercial plumbing, and can offer insight that goes beyond just removing clogs.


A plumbing system is fundamentally divided into two parts: water coming in, known as the “service” end of things, and waste water leaving via drains and ultimately the sewer. The two parts of the system obviously interact, and one should be designed to work with the other. Understanding the balance of that system is part of what makes us better than the competition — we’re more than just some guys unclogging drains, we’re qualified emergency plumbers.

Drain Cleaning Experts

If you’ve got a slow draining or fully clogged drain anywhere in your home or business, you know it’s more than an inconvenience; it’s a real problem that needs to be solved. Plumbing is such a fundamental necessity, we often forget it’s even there; that’s the way we think it should be. So in addition to our “service line” plumbing services, we specialize in clearing drain lines so you can go back to forgetting about your plumbing.


We’re the best Waco TX drain cleaners in the business, local plumbers with a proven track record for taking on Waco plumbing problems quickly and efficiently, from drain cleaning to whole-house plumbing repair. Mr. Rooter Plumbing is here to help with plumbing in Waco Texas as well as Killeen plumbing and drain cleaning!

Do You Need Help to Unclog Drains?

As reputable Waco plumbing contractors, we know there are several ways your drains can be clogged. Sometimes it’s just a single fixture, like a sink, that shows a slow or fully stopped drain. Our Waco TX plumbing contractors can unclog undersink drains without the homeowner having to buy highly toxic “drain cleaning” chemicals that are 1) dangerous to have around, and 2) don’t usually do much to address the problem that initially caused the clog.

In Waco Texas, plumbing contractors also know that sometimes it’s not just a single drain but several that are showing signs of being slowed or stopped. Any time you see more than one fixture that seems to have trouble, you’re in a position where it’s likely a clog in your sewer drain.

The first thing to do is stop using any of the plumbing in your house; the next is to call our Waco drain cleaners to come take a look. Our Waco Texas drain cleaners can help you locate and clear the clog, whether it’s near your home or all the way out near the sewer main.

Do You Have A Leaking Water Heater?

We know all about that sinking feeling when you find evidence of water heater leaking. Will I need water heater repair, or a full water heater replacement? When you need hot water, heater leaking troubles will compound if left untreated; small leaks have a tendency to become big ones over time, whether it’s a connection problem or the tank itself has sprung a leak.

Whichever it is, our central Texas plumbing experts will diagnose the problem, and if we can repair it, we will. If you need a new water heater installation job, our Waco TX plumbers have the experience and expertise to handle the job!

Toilet Repair Professionals

A lot of plumbing contractors and plumbing companies will tell you a leaking toilet is a recipe for disaster in the home, and the best thing is to replace the entire toilet. But best plumbing practices don’t always call for entirely new fixtures when some of the internal parts can be replaced quickly and less expensively.

Our Waco plumbers have the “inside knowledge” to tell you whether a toilet needs to be replaced — and surely, sometimes it does — or there’s a small part that can solve the problem. Waco Texas plumbers know a properly maintained toilet can last for decades.

Help With Shower Faucet Repair

A leaking faucet is another Waco Texas plumbing problem a lot of our customers call us about. And again, our plumbers in Waco TX know sometimes the problem really might only be solved by replacing the entire faucet — and sometimes it’s something a small part replacement can take care of. All Waco TX plumbing jobs are different, and we trust our plumbers in Waco Texas to take care of our customers and offer plumbing solutions that meet their needs — without selling them products they don’t really have a use for.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Over the years we’ve done a lot of plumbing in Waco TX, and recently we’ve seen an upswing in the number of tankless water heaters folks have asked for. It’s a great new technology, providing hot water “on demand” in a way that requires less space and is ultimately more efficient. As our Killeen plumbers can show you, a tankless system heats the water as it passes through the unit, rather than heating and storing large quantities of water for later use. It’s known as an “unlimited hot water” system, because it’s technically impossible to run out (even if you’ve got teenagers!). It also has the advantage of being small enough to install in narrow places regular water heaters would never fit.

Not all Killeen Texas plumbing companies (or Killeen Texas plumbers) are familiar with tankless heaters, and may try to steer you toward traditional storage tank style heaters. While a tankless water heater installation might not be the solution for everyone, we believe we owe it to our Killeen TX plumbing customers to make the option available. That’s why our Killeen plumbers are up-to-date with tankless technology, and can help you decide whether it’s the right solution for your home or business. And if you do decide to “go tankless,” our Killeen TX plumbers have the skills needed for the installation!

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One more time, Mr. Rooter has saved our lives!! This is the 2nd emergency we have called you for and I’m so grateful you got here immediately. Your technician did excellent work and I was overjoyed to have a brand new water heater put in on the exact same day. It breezed through “inspection” without any issues. Our city inspector came by for all of 5 minutes and said everything was flawless – the hot water heater installation was “just right”. From now on, you can bet I won’t call one of those “other” plumbing companies – I’ll always call Mr. Rooter.
-Fern Gibson

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